Letter From The President

Chief Bryan Zeringue

Thibodaux Police Department


As your incoming President, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the outgoing 2022-2023 President Chief Ricky Anderson on the outstanding job he did for the Louisiana Association of Chiefs of Police. We are a strong Association, because of the profound and dedicated Chiefs that we are. This Association has continued to grow under great leadership and strive by making changes to our
Bylaws and State Laws. We are stronger as a group with one strong voice.

Next, I want to recognize and congratulate the Officers on the Board for the 2022-
2023 year, Chief Chris Wilrye (2nd Vice President), Chief Bobby Madison
(Secretary I Treasurer), and Chief Tommy Torregrossa (Sergeant at Arms). We look forward to a productive and successful year. We want to thank each and every one of you for your support and confidence in electing us to serve you and the Association.

I look forward to having a remarkable year working together with the Board and all you Chiefs.

Our Mission

To advance the science and art of police administration and crime prevention, to develop and dissemainate improved administrative and technical practices and promote their use in police work, to foster police cooperation and the exchange of information and experience among police administrators throughout the world, to bring about the enlistment and training in the police profession of qualified persons, and to encourage adherence of all police officers to high standards of conduct.

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